Special Cases

Special Cases

This reading is for special cases and may be also used as a prescriptive service and consultation. You will receive an In-Depth Reading, a prescription for the best path, herbs, oils, rituals and the spells you need to do to get what you desire. Just describe your situation and desire along with your current spiritual path. Along with this session, you will also be sent a charged Good Luck Amulet made to attract Luck like a magnet, and have the competitive upper edge in all you do. This is a small Amulet for overall luck which you carry upon yourself to help in all areas concerning protection, health, love, success. Our Amulets are made of the most specialized rituals specifically for the person it’s intended to be of use, so no two amulets are the same. You may keep this amulet indefinitely for the purpose originally requested for.

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Special Prescriptive Case Reading
The “power” is within, but what do you do with this power? In this reading, you receive an In-Depth ..
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Witch Flame Botanica is an apothecary esoteric store specialising in handmade and rare items to use within your rituals and paths aiding you in your journey.


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