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We can construct amulets, charms, staffs, mixes, wands witch bottles and other magical objects used forwarding, divination, fertility, or a wide variety of other intents. We also can do offer ritual work but can send you the materials and instructions to carry out your own work. Such work will be carried out during auspicious times, with the proper materials and rites as tradition dictates. If you are uncertain as to what items to purchase or around a specific ritual just let us know and we'll offer suggestions and or the best course of direction depending on what you desire as an outcome..

In the form below, tell us as much about your situation as you can. Too much information is always preferable to too little, and of course, we will keep your business in confidence.

Are you looking for an incense to honor Brigid, an oil to promote clarity, a dreaming unguent, or a tea for your coven to share before workings? Maybe you need a Success powder that includes lodestone or a ritual anointing oil that won’t irritate your cinnamon allergy. Do you need a pint of dragon’s blood oil for a large workshop or a year’s supply of your magical order’s ceremonial incense? Perhaps you are looking to have that ceremonial incense formulated? We are happy to make incense, oils, potions, washes, baths, teas, balms, or any other apothecary-related item you’re interested in, custom made and to-order in quantities small or large.

Rates for custom items are based on the cost of materials, quantity required, and the complexity of formulation and creation. Costs vary widely — an ounce of organic mint and chamomile tea might cost just five dollars whereas a jar of salve infused with narcissus and saffron at dusk in an iron cauldron over a cedarwood fire would likely be over a hundred. After you contact us, we’ll provide you with a quote.  Additionally, bulk discounts apply if you need a large amount of a custom blend.

Although we can work from a recipe you supply or mix up a blend from well known named recipes (like ‘Boss Fix’ or ‘Abre Camino’), most of the time we are asked to formulate something special based on your needs. In the contact form below, tell us about your desires for the end product, how you plan to use it, what energies you need it to evoke, what ingredients you want to include or avoid, and if there are certain rituals that need to be done during creation or astrological concerns. In most cases, we will respond to your initial inquiry with an idea or two and a few questions. The more information you give us, the better we can create something you are happy with and excited about using.

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Witch Flame Botanica is an apothecary esoteric store specialising in handmade and rare items to use within your rituals and paths aiding you in your journey.


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