Limited Editions

Limited Editions

One could say, that the limited edition esoteric books we sell are so because the gods instructed our select authors through gnosis to only share with the chosen souls carrying on the sacred knowledge.

It is always with great privilege to own a book of knowledge, but the reward is only in what you take from it. 

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Abraxas: An International Journal of Esoteric Studies. No. 1, Autumn Equinox 2009
This is a rare find - pages will be manifested with the voices of working occult experience and..
Ex Tax: £75.00
Howling at the Sky - Draconian Architecture and the Sabian Keys, by Roger Williamson
A very throughout manual including chapters such as; The shadow star, Draconian architecture, Angels..
Ex Tax: £35.00
Lucifer Diaries, by Roger Williamson
This is a rare hardbound book with a CD included, you'll only find a paperback with no CD!  ​ ..
Ex Tax: £65.00
Mysticism, Initiation and Dream - Three Hands Press Occult Monograph I, Andrew D. Chumbley
Limited to 1000 copies. Three Hands Press Occult Monographs is a new esoteric reference series. T..
Ex Tax: £35.00
Practical Angel Magic of Dr. John Dee's Enochian Tables: Tabularum Bonorum Angelorum Invocationes
Derived from two previously unpublished seventeenth century manuscripts on angel magic, this coveted..
Ex Tax: £35.00
The Altar of Sacrifice, Mark Alan Smith
The Altar of Sacrifice is the first of “The Books of the Way of Sacrifice.” The first volume in this..
Ex Tax: £55.00
The Complete Magician's Tables
The Complete Magician's Tables These more than 800 magical tables are the most complete set of tabul..
Ex Tax: £50.00
The Goetia of Dr Rudd
The Goetia is the most famous grimoire after the Key of Solomon. This volume contains a transcriptio..
Ex Tax: £50.00
The Keys to the Gateway of Magic: Summoning the Solomonic Archangels and Demon Princes
This classic text of the Nine Great Keys details the invocation of the Archangels, the full hierarch..
Ex Tax: £45.00
The Witchblood Grail, Mark Alan Smith
The Witchblood Grail is the Second Volume of the trilogy The Way of Sacrifice. The knowledge with..
Ex Tax: £67.00

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