Each book is chosen carefully for what it can bring to the viewers transformation within their souls and carnal cycle. We at Witch Flame Botanica firmly believe that if you have come here then you have reach a point of elevation In what more you may learn to grow.

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Abraxas: An International Journal of Esoteric Studies. No. 1, Autumn Equinox 2009
This is a rare find - pages will be manifested with the voices of working occult experience and..
Ex Tax: £75.00
Book of Grimoires by Claude Lecouteux
An extensive study of ancient books of magic and the magical practices preserved in the few survivin..
Ex Tax: £11.95
Book of Pleasure, by  Author: Austin Osman Spare
THE BOOK OF PLEASURE [Self Love]The Psychology of Ecstasy - First published in 1913, this magical bo..
Ex Tax: £50.95
Ceremonial Magic and Power of Evocation by Joseph C. Lisiewski
For centuries, the ceremonial evocation of spiritual beings has been Magic's darkest corner. Reputed..
Ex Tax: £12.00
Creating Magickal Entities
Creating Magickal Entities is a comprehensive reference manual that presents step-by-step instructio..
Ex Tax: £11.95
Daimonosophy by Sakaki 4
Are angels Ideal Models to be emulated? Is the purpose of man to become something greater than he al..
Ex Tax: £13.00
Demonolatry Rites by S. Connolly
Creating Magickal Entities is a comprehensive reference manual that presents step-by-step instructio..
Ex Tax: £8.00
Dragon of the Two Flames, Demonic Magick & the Gods of Canaan, by Michael W. Ford
One of the most insightful books which presents ancient records which reveal the origins of Christia..
Ex Tax: £24.00
Encyclopedia of Hell by Miriam Van Scott
The Encyclopedia of Hell is a comprehensive survey of the underworld, drawing information from cultu..
Ex Tax: £11.95
Enochian World of Aleister Crowley: Enochian Sex Magick
This book gives the student immediate access to the world's most powerful, yet misunderstood, system..
Ex Tax: £12.00
Gamaliel - The Diary of a Vampire, Dance, Doll Dance!  by Kenneth Grant
The first, Gamaliel: The Diary of a Vampire, presents the history of a woman, Vilma, who attempts to..
Ex Tax: £49.00
Golden Secrets of Mystic Oils by Anna Riva
From Anna Riva, this book provides you with over 550 of descriptions and uses for her most popular o..
Ex Tax: £6.25

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