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A Love Spell of Erotic Perseverance

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“Absence makes the heart fonder…too much makes it wander…then there’s CHECKMATE The Spell at hand is yonder.” Past the face value of the Hallmark cash-cow, “Valentines’ Day” life goes on. This is not a story on Eros, or any of the deities of Love, and for a matter-of-fact, nor is it of the Khajuraho Kamasutra temples. Indeed, it is only a post on Love, Lust, more Love, Passion, Desire and, possibly loss, but definitely in pursuit of personal gain. I could connect this to the aspects of a “Soulmate”, but will revisit at another time. I will focus on the sensation of chemistry, the connect..


A Trip to the Origins: Witches & Wicked Bodies

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Really cool to know that witchcraft within my lifetime has become a path practiced in the open...well at least on paper. It's cool, cause I've met some of the originals within the occult name droppers and as a child, I remember the woes of hearing conversations how being in secret was sacred, not to mention the code. So with the announcement of a public event at the historical British Museum in London I though "Hell Yeah! I'm gonna go!" This exhibition at the British Museum in London examines the portrayal of witches and witchcraft in art from the Renaissance to the end of the 19th century,..


Revisiting Candle Magick

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Considered sympathetic magick, Candle Magick is one of the oldest and most widely practiced artes included within any rite around the world with it’s origins not known, but there is evidence that beeswax candles were used in Egypt and Crete as early as 3000 B.C.E.  The use of candles has it’s own strong qualities I feel is sometimes either neglected, forgotten or just not known to even the most adept that use candles within their rituals. One of the reasons why candles have been such an integral part in rituals is because of the properties that fire itself contains which predating most..

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Dick Kirchner's review of The Altar of Sacrifice

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Introduction A few weeks before the Summer Solstice of 2014, I contacted Mark Alan Smith while looking to acquire a good, second-hand copy of The Altar of Sacrifice, which I learned had been published by the Primal Craft Press a few months prior. At the same time, I sent a couple of e-mails to a local bookseller in England, in an effort to locate a copy. The response back from Mark was generous and forthcoming. Mark offered a signed copy of The Altar of Sacrifice, with all the accompanying sigils, beautifully and personally inscribed to me by the author himself in exchange for a critical re..


Consecration Of The Talismanic Spiritual Gateway by Mark Alan Smith

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While there are no doubt different ideas and individual personal ethos regarding the consecration of a magickal book it is worth noting that there are also quite a few false claims in occult publishing and writing circles. The confusion sometimes comes in the play on words. For instance: Blessing the ink either ritually, in blood, or upon an altar certainly empowers the numbering and signing ink - but it in no way consecrates the book as a gateway. Neither for that matter does consecrating one thousand books all together, en masse so to speak. That is not to say that these practices do not hav..


In Nomine Hecate

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The Goddess of Magick, the Crossroads, Moon,  Necromancy associated with Night, Witchcraft, holding the keys to the Underworld, Spirits and so much more... Hecate dear to so many, above all, to my heart and through my soul has been with me since the beginning carrying me through life and times of perceived darkness illuminating the path of understanding for me to continue - I am indebted throughout eternity. Through this plane, comes forth a soul directed through the intensity of the Atlantean current by which Hecate holds strong. Pr..


Between the Devil and the Dark Witch Queen

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Introduction As the Year 2015 came to a close, passing All Hallows Eve and entering anew into the Season of Belial, I checked in with Mark Alan Smith again in regards his new book, The Witchblood Grail, to see if I might have the privilege of reviewing it. I then found out that my review of his last book, The Altar of Sacrifice, had generated some interest after its publication on the Mona Magick website. Perhaps it should not come as any great surprise (at least to those familiar with the vindictiveness of the on-line occult world) that my review caused the controversy that it di..


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