Dark Mirror of Magick, The Vassago Millennium Prophecy (DVD)

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On January 3rd, 2001, documentary writer/producer Wayne Darwen brought a professional T.V. news crew into the inner sanctum of The Order of the Temple of Astarte to record a remarkable phenomenon: the summoning of the ancient spirit Vassago. Early in February an edited version of Vassago's mysterious Prophecy was broadcast by the Los Angeles affiliate of a National T.V. Network, confirming that the spirit had predicted a major news event: only 13 days after the ritual had been audio-visually recorded, President Laurent Kabila of the Congo was assassinated!

In this video version we show you the entire operation in sequence, exactly as it happened with no rehearsals and no retakes. Wayne Darwen also interviews the Magister Thabion (Poke Runyon) and the mystic seer Frater Solomon. Their unrehearsed answers to his probing questions leave no doubt as to the philosophical depth and spiritual power of Solomon's ancient Magick even in this modern age.

This is an entirely new and original production. In "The Magick of Solomon" video (also available from amazon) we dramatically reenacted magical rituals for instructive purposes, whereas "Dark Mirror of Magick" is the record of an actual magical operation of historical significance. We believe that this remarkable documentary will be studied and commented on for years to come.

As an additional bonus, this one hour VHS video includes a ten page booklet, "The Vassago Millennium Prophecy", in which the seer and the magician give their impressions of the meaning behind the spirit's cryptic Oracle.

This 2nd Edition of DARK MIRROR OF MAGICK (DVD version) has ten more minutes of new footage added with commentary on the Vassago Prophecy, as subsequently revealed in the following two years, plus a new prophecy from Vassago himself.

Media Specifications
Casing Plastic hardcopy with 10 page intro booklet enclosed.
Director Wayne Darwen
Format DVD
Media Genre Documentary, Hermetic
Release Date 2003
Run Time 70 Minutes
Studio C.H.S. The Church of the Hermetic Sciences, Inc.
Actors/Artist Frater Solomon Poke Runyon

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