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Consecration Of The Talismanic Spiritual Gateway by Mark Alan Smith

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While there are no doubt different ideas and individual personal ethos regarding the consecration of a magickal book it is worth noting that there are also quite a few false claims in occult publishing and writing circles. The confusion sometimes comes in the play on words. For instance: Blessing the ink either ritually, in blood, or upon an altar certainly empowers the numbering and signing ink - but it in no way consecrates the book as a gateway. Neither for that matter does consecrating one thousand books all together, en masse so to speak. That is not to say that these practices do not have at least some validity, but more-so to illuminate that they are merely smaller parts of what should be a collective process - at least if the author/publisher/devotee wishes to fully empower the book.

Claims of greater power or a difference in practice or belief in no way invalidate this last statement either. Put simply - the devotee who is willing to individually consecrate each book as an open gateway - to the book's patron and a place in which the spirits may reside - works through each of the aforementioned processes as well as the individual consecration.

Then of course, sadly, there is the false statement - and this happens all too regularly - when claims of consecration are made and the books are simply not consecrated at all, or worse given a brief half-hearted blessing before they are packed and shipped off to their new homes. This sort of behaviour is as false as a Peak Oil protester driving a diesel van.

Books that are consecrated correctly are genuine talismans, gateways to, and the living flesh of, their patron Gods and Spirits. The effort, love and dedication that goes into the creation of these talismanic gateways can be felt as soon as the book is handled. There is nothing more disappointing than the feel of a book that was supposed to be consecrated and has not been - it feels like a dead house-brick; regardless of content.

To that end I have decided to elaborate a little on the process of book consecration - the creation of these Living Primal Gateways, that has evolved through the direction of Hecate and Her Kin - within Primal Craft


All inks - fountain pens, quills and ink pots here are at Primal Craft permanently reside upon the altars - along with the blades used to draw blood in the case of Deluxe editions - within the indoor temple. These are re-blessed and consecrated each time they are used. It is essential that this be performed in full possession in order to fully empower these tools. The standard books are then numbered. In the case of the Deluxe books the ink must be empowered with blood that is released during ritual possession - this ignites the Witchblood. The seals and signatures within the Deluxe book are also created with ink infused with my own blood.

The first phase of empowering the books begins at the Mother Temple in the mountains. The original hand-written texts (all Primal Craft books are initially written by hand, in full) and the first complete printed draft is consecrated in my own blood - sometimes in sacrifice - with the Gods of the Trident called to possession. This phase may be counted as unique to Primal Craft but those which follow should, as a template at least, be adhered to by any author claiming to individually consecrate their work.

All printed and bound books are then consecrated en masse in ritual. This entails calling the forth of the Demon Princes, Trident Gods et al, and the creation of a vortex. It is essential that the patron/s of the book be called into and through both the flesh of the summoner and the books themselves in this process. This initiates the second phase of the embodiment of spiritual power - as the patron/s manifest within the books as a whole.

The third and most important phase of talismanic consecration is the individual blessing, consecration and empowering of each and EVERY single book. This stage requires prior communion with the book's patron through which the ideosyncracies of gateway creation are given for that particular tome. The wording, instruction and intent denotes the effect that the book - not solely as a gateway to its patron but as magickal implement that will react to the individual - will have upon the reader/devotee who opens its pages.

There is no short cut to this work. It is an in-depth process - taking approximately 7 to 10 days and nights of solid ritual work (in the case of 999 individual books) The consecrations are performed in full possession. The books must each separately be taken and blessed in thick, swirling incense while the possessing God/s pass through gates of flesh and soul in order to enter and empower each book. It is here that certain gateways are woven within the book in such a fashion that they open within the aura, mind and soul of the reader and devotee. The blessings and curses of the patron Gods are woven within the book as are the spirits who will forever dwell within its pages - some entering the world of manifestation through the newly created gateways, and some being bound by the actual patron of the book.

Perhaps the most interesting phase of this work is not the manifestation or ecstatic power that flows - and leaves one exhausted once all books are fully awoken - but the individual gateways, instruction to spirits and very powerful and sometimes life-changing components that are placed within certain books. Only the Gods know where these books will end up, the many hands they pass through - they see this, I don't. Therefore it is of great interest to hear the individual threads and very powerful, individual, intent and instruction that is woven into the books during this phase of possession.

This is an exhausting and time consuming process that leaves me requiring the aid and energy of the possessing entity in order to complete the task. It is fair to say that very often I am not myself throughout this entire week - but this is an honour and, albeit a labour, it is one of intense love and devotion.

The reward in this in-depth process - noted by the many followers of the Primal Craft and occultists from other paths who possess these works - is the creation of genuine living gateways, the actual flesh and bodies of the Gods and Spirits of Witchcraft.

Devotees know when a book has been correctly consecrated. If the books you acquire from people claiming that their works are all consecrated do not exude this power (not that of the spirits of their subject matter, but that of living consecrated gateways) then there is no shame in questioning the claims of these people directly.

It is my hope that this sheds some illuminating fire on the process of en-fleshing genuine spiritual power within beautifully bound magickal, talismanic books. Package is nothing without true intent and the powerful spiritual and magickal awakening of the gateways within.

In the Shadow of the Trident,

Mark Alan Smith


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