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Malefic Marketing: Smear Campaigns & False, Libellous Reviews

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Have you heard about one of the worlds oldest anthology works is up for grabs of close to $28M USD? If you can’t afford that, the photo copies are worth $1.7M USD, and with figures like this pdf pirates could retire! This anthology is the 1500+ year old bible held by the Turkish government in Ankara; this particular book claims that the Christ never died on the cross. Bamm. Case closed. Everything under Christianity becomes a faux pas.

It goes further, this book contains the Gospel of Barnabas and tells a story where Jesus predicts the coming of the Prophet Muhammad. Uhmmm…let’s not go there…But can you image what the slightest deviation from either of the religions sacred teachings would be like to billions worldwide? My concern isn’t over the authenticity of this book as over time alone the Christians have proven a good team of lawyers and publicist that have shielded them from falling guilty of mythological plagiarism for centuries. I don’t know if this is a hoax just as much as I was not there during times of past to sit here and debate who what when and where during the crucifixions. For all we know, this story could be a sleazy technique to discourage innocent worshipers to send their tithing down the street.

Hearing about this story brought me back to a place and time when I had seriously considered publishing my own book of over 30 years of collective writings. I confess, I am not the best writer but a highly creative one who that got turned off on publishing my own books due to my temperament and disgust of what I thought was a community of thirst for knowledge only to find the many butchering the very works of one the authors I had interviewed in 2009.

“To each his own” …..”Freedom of Speech” and all that good stuff right? No. The comments has nothing to do about the written message and knowledge to be learned, no constructive criticism, that helps another with their decision in choosing the material in question to grow from. Since then, the author I once interviewed has gained more positive reviews overshadowing the pointless gargle over punctuation marks when the book was about magick.

Its only been of recent that it was brought to my attention that within the Esoteric community some would stop at nothing to defame their peers posing as the average reader or fan leaving trails of vile reviews. Granted, everyone is entitled to their layman’s review no pun intended as there is true art and talent in giving a proper reviews...I swear that these should be called "opinions"

Alas! What was even more disappointing was a prominent and in my "opinion", a very talented artist of the left-hand path, Asenath Mason also known as Malgorzata Patrzyk who took a damaging position cloaking behind various avatars to bring down the ratings of some of her own peers. The reviews are malicious marketing ploys with the intent to damage sales or so one would think... I linger on to add that this could only be one of personal vendetta that’s become an embarrassing obsession.  No it is not to single any practitioner out but one of such tactics is bound to be revealed.

Posing as others to post damaging reviews may be an unoriginal tactic, so I ask, "where is all the magick behind these cowardly deeds?" There is however, a noticeable pattern of damaging targets to bring ones peers down for the sake of turning the spotlight on one's self. One group (one site actually) does come to mind, but they shall remain nameless so as not to give attention to them or bring them additional sales as they ripp off their fellow peers: Imagine all the work and money you've spent to produce your book is duplicated in PDF format, and sold back to the public at a fraction of the cost...lets take this further:  Imagine you are contributing to an anthology, yet whilst the book is on sale the very same people who publish it are ALSO profiting from your name (behind your back and without your permission - not to mention comission not being shared) and your books because the latter are being repackaged as PDFs and sold by these people! That is not magick! It is solely and purely using THEFT and DECEPTION to turn trust into decimals within the esoteric community. 

Look, plagiarism is an old and common practice in the spiritual community, especially within the esoteric publishing crowd and it's crafted as being a "view retold and modernised". This is just as much and having a genre under the darker artes does not mean that all rituals written by an author may be ones they've arctually gone through,  let alone even know of all familiars mentioned! For this very reason along, there are some books WFB just will not sell.

As you may be wondering, what's in this for me, for WFB... Is there a vendetta of our own? No, there is not.. Its always been my stance to defend proper representation of the work, clearing obstacles that creep through the current allowing knowledge to flow throw fluently. Of course, making sure all that blocks the sales of what goes through the central system of Witch Flame Botanica is unblocked in fact, and cut off for the virus it is that could affect others will always be the underlining default.

Whether you treat yourself to the beauty of a good book or cheat yourself in downloading a pirated PDF you have a duty to use your will wisely rather otherwise in the past with those who haven't. The  tactics of the crop who have wasted their talents is why those in centuries past do respect those within the occult community. You can argue the point and call this making a living by taking advantage of the times, or you can have personal integrity and own up, calling it what it really is: "Theft", "Deception" and "Sleazy Smear Campaigns". In doing this you take support away from the SCUM who perpetrate these acts. 

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